Financial Aid

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies is committed to making our programs accessible for students around the world. We believe finances should not create obstacles to world-class, pre-collegiate education.
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Eligibility and Requirements

Financial aid is granted based upon need as well as other factors, including merit. Members of traditionally underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. Aid is open to all applicants and applying for financial aid does not have an effect on your admissions decision.
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Who Should Apply

If the tuition cost is a barrier, we encourage you to apply for financial aid. Please be sure to include any relevant clarifications of your family's circumstances in your Financial Aid Request Letter submitted with your application. Aid can be awarded to both domestic and international participants.
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Where to Apply

Applicants can submit a financial aid application once they have started their Online Application. The link for the financial aid application is provided within the academic application. Applicants must be logged into their Online Application account in order to access the financial aid application.
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When to Apply

We ask for applicants to submit their financial aid application at the time of submitting their academic application. Applicants can look at the Admissions Page on our website to find their corresponding admissions round.

Financial Aid Application Checklist

Confirm your application round
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Go to the Admissions Page on our website to verify the application round in which you are applying. Financial aid applications are due at the time of submitting your academic application. If you are applying to multiple SPCS summer programs, only one financial aid application submission is needed.
Begin your application to a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program
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Once you begin your academic application, you will be provided with a link to the financial aid application under the Student Information section.
Complete the financial aid application form
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While logged into your academic application, open the financial aid form and complete all required fields. Someone other than the applicant, such as a parent or guardian, may complete the form.

Fields requiring dollar amounts must be entered in US dollars. We recommend using to convert currencies.
Upload your parent's/guardian's tax information
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In addition to completing the financial aid application, applicants will be asked to provide their parent or guardian's tax information from the past two years. For your security, please black out all Social Security Numbers that appear on any forms submitted.

Non-US tax forms must include conversions to US dollars and all text must be translated into English. Both the original and translation must be uploaded.
Upload a Financial Aid Request Letter
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Provide a letter stating the reasons you are requesting financial assistance, such as financial hardships or other special circumstances. The more details you can provide regrading your financial circumstances, the better the Financial Aid Committee can make appropriate funding decisions.
Sign the financial aid form
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The person completing the financial aid form is required to electronically sign and date at the bottom.

Statement on Diversity

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Diversity and Inclusion

At Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies, we promote an inclusive learning environment for students from around the world. We believe that fostering a diverse community enriches learning for the next generation of global citizens.
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Commitment to Diversity

We recognize and respect all areas of diversity, including, but not limited to, categories of culture, socioeconomic background, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, religion, and life experience.

Being here has changed my life because it made me realize that no matter what my background is that I can make it, and that I can become what I want to be. I can make it to Stanford someday or some other school and do something amazing regardless of where I come from. And that's really changed me and inspired me.

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies Participant

On Receiving a Scholarship