Outside on sofas, a group of participants work on homework.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp

Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC) welcomes a select group of mathematically talented rising high school juniors and seniors from around the world for intensive study in advanced mathematics.

Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC)

When you come to Stanford University Mathematics Camp, not only will you engage in deep exploration of mathematics and develop as a mathematician, but you will be immersed in a community of others who share your mathematical talent and curiosity. For four weeks you will live on campus, make new friends, and be challenged intellectually. Many participants say the experience changed their lives.
Community of Thinkers
Share your summer with peers similarly passionate about mathematics.
Advanced Mathematics
Explore mathematics beyond the scope of what is typically taught in the classroom.
Explore Stanford's Campus
Live and learn on the beautiful Stanford campus.

Application Now Open

The 2020 application for Stanford University Mathematics Camp is now available. Start your application today.

Our Stories

The Stanford University Mathematics Camp has taught students much more than key concepts in contemporary mathematics. Program participants have forged careers and friendships in what many, looking back, say was a life-changing experience. Meet Mykel Kochenderfer, Associate Professor of Aeronautics and Engineering at Stanford. Professor Kochenderfer attended SUMaC, then came to Stanford as a student and, ultimately, joined the faculty.