Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
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Will I receive information about my Instructor prior to arrival?

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We do not provide the Instructor’s contact information to students or parents before the start of the program. Instructors work for us on contract and will be fully available to the students during the program but not before. Some instructors, depending on course may reach out prior to the program if they would like students to obtain or read something specific before the course begins.

Course Information

When will participants receive a course syllabus?

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Since our courses are not for credit or grades, curriculum may vary year after year, and therefore standard syllabi are not available. Participants are not required to do any reading or fulfill course assignments prior to the start of the program. Participants will receive a syllabus or course overview from their instructor when the course begins. This flexibility allows our program instructors to create the most dynamic and up-to-date lesson plan.

Do Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program participants receive grades or credit?

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We do not provide course grades or credits for completing a Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies program. Our summer courses are for enrichment purposes only. After the conclusion of the program, participants are sent a written evaluation from their instructor and a certificate of completion.